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When someone murders their family what goes through their mind?

Sheriff Eagle is the only suspect when local police discover him knelt down by the bodies of his wife and son, covered in their blood.

No direct motive or reason for the murders, no one can understand why he did it.

Deeply in shock, and unable to speak, Sheriff Eagle gets put into an experimental trance to piece together the entire puzzle of how it all went so wrong. Did he kill his family or was it something else?

Sheriff Eagle will be forced to uncover memories that were meant to remain buried in his subconscious forever. Those memories are the key to unlocking what led up to that horrific night.

Can Sheriff Eagle’s memories uncover the truth or will he suffer the ultimate mind break in this psychological horror thriller?

We all have a past, how well do you remember yours?

David Klein

David Klein has been an avid horror/thriller/suspense fan since the age of six when he saw his first horror film, A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2.

David writes horror and thriller novels (MindBreak, Bug, and Debt to the Devil - Coming in 2021) and runs his blog Horror 365 (Horror News. Horror Stories. Horror Everything). Horror 365 is updated daily with the latest horror news, reviews, trailers, stories, and more.

MindBreak, a psychological horror-thriller, was the debut novel from David.

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